We are truly living in bizarro world.

Here’s a basic outline of what’s going on. An anonymous CIA employee working in the White House brings information to Adam Schiff (or someone on his committee). The information is clearly designed to damage Donald Trump.

Someone on the committee apparently tells this individual to file a whistleblower complaint, wrap themselves in the protections whistleblowers are afforded, and oh, by the way, here are some former Schumer and Clinton lawyers to represent you, but don’t worry, we will make sure any attempt to reveal who you are is represented as the Big Mob Boss Trump attempting to incite violence.

Schiff goes on TV and says he has no idea what’s in this complaint and that he hasn’t spoken with the whistleblower, even though he’s literally tweeting elements of the complaint before it’s made public, and supposedly before his committee has received it, and we now know someone on his committee did in fact receive the information in advance. Two lies in one.

We then find out that whistleblower filing papers clearly state that in order for it to be considered urgent, it must be based on “first hand knowledge.” The CIA agent… err… I mean “whistleblower” has nothing but hearsay. So the IG changes the rules to allow this complaint to be passed to Congress… to Schiff’s committee… who’s actually already seen it.

We then get the actual call transcript, and it doesn’t even match what Schiff and Pelosi have been saying in the news, nor does it match what is in the complaint itself. There’s no quid pro quo. There are no personal favors. There’s no withholding of military aid. Nothing of the sort. In fact, the President, doing his duty to protect the country, asks for Ukraine’s help in figuring out what actually happened in 2016 (you know, since Robert Mueller only pretended to do that), and he asks for help in rooting out corruption within the United States, involving a well documented and frankly, alarming allegation against the Bidens.

The Democrats now want to remove a president based on a complaint, and phone call transcript they hadn’t seen, without ever holding a vote on the House floor to open the inquiry, and any member of the administration that fights back, defends themselves, or challenges the accusations or subpoenas will be considered guilty and evidence of such will be added to the impeachment inquiry… all based on an anonymous “whistleblower” who was really working for the CIA, who had virtually no idea what was in the phone call to begin with.

If the likes of Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff, from the deepest of blue districts that represent just a fraction of our electorate, are able to remove a president WE elected, with the assist from a lying, gaslighting, Pravda media determined to cover up the REAL collusion, the REAL corruption… if they’re able to succeed, the Republic is dead. Some might say the mere fact that we’ve even reached this point, is evidence enough it’s on its last breath.


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